Sunday, January 4, 2015

90% off Christmas at Target started today!

Most Target stores should have their holiday clearance marked down to 90% off today (food 70%)! I ran to the three Lincoln, NE stores this morning.

I spent $94.26 and saved $574.35! Had I bought the items at full price I would have paid $668.61 - who does that?! Btw a reader of this blog (who I don't know) recognized me this morning in one of the stores and came up and chatted with me. How cool is that?

Anyways, here's some pics of my haul and the stores:

I'll use a good chunk of these items for gifts, stocking stuffers, etc.

originally $15 / clearance price $1.50

originally $20 / clearance price $2

tree skirt originally $30 / clearance price $3

assorted gift bags, cards, and gift tags

Neutral wrapping paper that can hopefully be used all year round!

Love this! Clearance price is $0.50.

originally $7.99 / clearance price $0.79

Some of the food doesn't expire for several months or even until 2016!

original price $12 / clearance price $1.20

original price $25 / sale price $2.50

original price $20 / clearance price $2

original price $5 / clearance price $0.50

Great $0.50 stocking stuffers for next year!


Oh don't mind me... just checking out the new chew toys...

S 56th store

S 56th store

original price $5 / clearance price $0.50

N 48th store. I love these and they were in the 90% off section, but it turns out they're still $3.48.

N 48th store

S 40th store - there were 2 left this morning - only $3!

They should have the 90% off through tomorrow (Monday), but after that they usually pack it up and haul it off to Goodwill. So go ASAP!

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