Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Planting a privacy screen with arborvitaes

Since our street is somewhat new, there aren't many trees. We had zero trees on our lot when we moved in. Last year we planted two decorative trees up front and two shade trees out back. Our lot still looks bare and we need privacy from a road on the south side of our house so we're planting an arborvitae screen.

Guess I don't have any good pics of the road, but here you can see it in the top left hand corner of this pic (taken around 4th of July). The trees will be in a line to the left.

Isn't this gorgeous? We're not planting that many and I'll never have that nice of a backyard, but one can dream, right?

Benefits of planting a living fence...

Emerald Green Arborvitae's were half off at Home Depot so we bought 21 to create a staggered privacy screen.

Emerald Green Arborvitae on sale at Home Depot for $12.49, but they're sold out now in the Lincoln stores.

Lovely picture of me after loading everything. I'm probably thinking "Ugh, I'm too tired to reach down and grab my purse." I pretty much moved into Home Depot this past week. I went there last Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday (and this week isn't even over yet). You're welcome, Home Depot. Oh, and Lowe's on Monday. If you ever need to find me, check the home improvement stores.

We sprinkled in some Vigoro Tree, Shrub, and Evergreen Fertilizer into each hole (great reviews) and also used some new topsoil. It's important to dig the hole twice as wide as the root ball, but not too deep. Your hole should only be as deep as the root ball.

It's recommended that you space arborvitaes 2'-3' apart. We spaced ours 4' apart because we're going to plant a second row in front to fill in the open spaces.

The road we're trying to shield ourselves from. Our grass needs some TLC. We had a guy aerate it last week. I think we need to spray and put down more seed soon. I really have no idea... lawn care isn't my thing as you can probably tell from these pics. Help us.

We got the back row (11 trees) planted yesterday. On to the front row (10 more) sometime later this week. Volunteers welcome! Whenever you plant new trees - water, water, water!

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