Monday, June 15, 2015

Another door turned corner shelf

Recently I posted about an old door turned into a corner shelf. I kept that one for myself, but have been on a mission to get rid of stuff! I grabbed another door out of my junk stockpile (that totally makes me sound like a hoarder doesn't it?) I did the same thing to this door, but distressed it and gave it to my mom.

My husband cut into the door before I was able to get a before pic, but hopefully you get the idea. Read my previous post for instructions on this first step. You'll want to use lag screws to connect the two pieces together.

Backside of the door

I painted a couple of coats on it before putting in the shelves. This saved me the headache of trying to paint in corners and crevices.

We had this piece of MDF leftover from another project and it just happened to be the perfect size for the shelves.

Measure and then cut the MDF or wood.

You should be able to use the first shelf as a template and trace it for the rest.

Looks like a dog chewed up the corner... just adds more character, right?

Secure the shelf with a brad nailer. We used 2" nails.

Pic of brad nailer. Worth the investment. We use ours constantly.

Paint the shelves

All painted, but before distressing and glaze.

How cool is the original hardware? The actual knob was missing, but I think it still looks neat.
Distress the piece with sandpaper. I use a hand sander and hit all of the edges and corners.

 I used Rust-Oleum Decorative Glaze in Java to give it some dimension and that 'old world' look.

Spread it on...

...and then start rubbing it in / wiping it off.

Finished piece

Love all the detail

My mom put it in her basement in the family room.

Again, check out my original post for steps I may have breezed over. Major props to the hubs for his help! This project cost me $0 because I had everything on hand. I just got back from Junk Stock in Elkhorn, NE and I saw a lot of old doors for around $30. You can probably get them cheaper on Craigslist or at places like Eco Store. Give it a try!


  1. Very nice! Thanks for sharing. Fun to see that you have the Dick, Jane and Sally teacher's book which is the book my mom used to teach me to read. Vicki C.

    1. Thanks, Vicki! That book is certainly a classic! :)