Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Target 90% off Christmas

While some Target stores went 90% off Christmas yesterday, the rest seemed to drop today. Food is 70% off.

The first Target I went to (48th and O St) had the best selection. I even scored this $360 tree for $36!

Here are some pics from the stores followed by what I actually purchased and how much it cost:

LED icicle lights for $1.49!

Pic of the tree I bought for $36. Link here.
Thought this could be used all winter long.


At the first store I got $823 worth of product for $84. At the second store, I purchased $270 worth of product for $30. That means I got $1,093 of Christmas stuff for $114! (Taxes aren't included in these figures.)

Here is what I bought:
*Disclaimer: A lot will be used for gifts - I'm not a total hoarder ;)

No I am not expecting, but everyone I know is!
Thanksgiving garland! Perfect for fall.

These heavy duty outdoor welcome mats are so fun! I grabbed extra for gifts!

Chocolate is my weakness :/

You don't have to spend a lot to decorate. Here are some pics of my house decorated for the holidays. Almost everything in the photos was a 90% off find.

Living room tree. I got rid of my big tree and converted to skinny trees because my cat would climb and even sleep in the tree. He passed away this year though (RIP Simba) so I'm happy I scored a large tree at Target. Can't wait to decorate it next year and won't have to worry about it getting ruined.
Close up of living room tree.
Always enjoy finding cute frames for cheap.
Kitchen tree. A 90% off Target score a couple years ago.
Close up of kitchen tree.
Basement tree. Also a 90% off Target score a couple years ago.

I like to use lots of different decorations on trees. In my opinion, you should use different shapes, textures, and colors (complementing colors of course). I especially like the "spray" decorations. I'm not sure what the correct name is, but they're usually berries, sparkly "poofs", twigs, etc.
Basement decorations
Bar area
This neutral tree matched well with my barn wood shelf and mirror.
My outdoor trees have gotten blown over multiple times so they're looking rough, but I liked the frost/snow on them Christmas morning. They look a lot prettier at night lit up. I've gotten lots of garland for 90% off (poles).

I have many more decorations, but you get the idea. Hope you score some of your own good deals!

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