Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In love with antique frames

I think items made decades or even centuries ago have so much more character and were better built than most items in today's stores. Check out this large frame my father-in-law found at a garage sale. I wish I had a before picture because he cleaned it up and stained it. We hung it last night. It's on the main wall of our living room and is one of my favorite pieces.

My initial thought was to put a mirror in it, but I stumbled across the 'H' at Hobby Lobby and thought it was the perfect fit. Our last name starts with an H. It was 50% off so ended up being $5.

We also used older, detailed frames for my wedding. Instead of glass mirrors under centerpieces, we found antiquish frames from garage sales and auctions and painted them all to create a unifying theme. I put vintage looking scrap paper in the frames that coordinated with my colors.

Borrowed blue Ball Jars from relatives
Setting up the day before the wedding
I ordered all of my flowers from Sam's and arranged them myself. Keep checking back for a future post on how I had a nice big wedding for half the cost of what most spend. I even wore two new designer dresses. One for the ceremony and one for the reception. You won't believe the deal I got on them!

I'm now using some of the frames to hang my wedding photos in a collage in my bedroom (still very much a work in progress).

Going to find lettering to spell our last name in the long vertical one.
My brother is getting married in August and his fiance might use the rest for their wedding. We're going to get our money's worth out of them! Most were under $1. 

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