Tuesday, July 29, 2014

75% off select trees at Home Depot

They may be getting picked over, but Home Depot had a group of trees marked down to 75% off. We were at the south Lincoln store Friday and bought three. I swung by the north Lincoln location yesterday to pick up something else (I swear we live at these stores) and noticed they had a few left too. Some weren't in the best shape, but there seemed to be a few good ones left. But I really don't know that much about trees...

By the way, who watches the Bachelorette? How awesome/cringeworthy was After The Final Rose last night? I had to rewind to see if Nick actually said that on national television. Oh too funny.

Terrible picture, but loved how they compared Andi's frown to Grumpy Cat at the end.

My couch potato buddy!

Bring on Bachelor in Paradise!

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