Friday, December 5, 2014

Mason jar turned soap dispenser

Happy Friday! A good friend contacted me this week with this great idea to turn mason jars into soap dispensers. Her mom saw them at a craft fair and requested them for Christmas. My friend couldn't find them anywhere and asked if I could make them. I was flattered and said I'd give it a shot! So here we go...

Materials Needed
  • Mason jar (I used the pint size)
  • Pump
  • Spray paint
  • Ribbon
  • Decor (star, berries, or whatever you want... you don't have to do the primitive/antique look!)
I purchased the jars, pump, and plaid material (1/8 of a yard cut into ribbon) from Hobby Lobby for about $10 total. I had the spray paint, burlap ribbon, stars, and berries on hand. You should be able to make these for about $10 each or less depending on what you have that can be reused. One way to make them really cheap is to save pumps and then cut holes yourself in the lids. Click here, here, and here for tutorials. Buying the pump for $3 at Hobby Lobby seemed like a much better option to me though.

Fabric that I was looking at at Hobby Lobby. 1/8 of a yard is the smallest you can buy. It's 30% off right now so cost me $0.49. I should be able to get a lot of ribbon out of that piece.

I used Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze for one of the lids and Valspar Crackle on the other.

You can reuse pumps and cut holes in the lids, but this little gem makes everything so much easier. I decided to just purchase one of these from Hobby Lobby. Use a 40% off coupon to make it $3.

Here are the pieces up close.

After you've purchased your products, spray paint the lids. I didn't spray paint the top portion of the pump (even though it would have looked better) because other bloggers had problems with the paint rubbing off. No thanks.

When using crackle paint, the area must be warm for the paint to crackle properly. Grab a space heater and set it in front for best results.

Then all you need to do is cut your ribbon and tie on the decorations. I didn't put soap in them since they're gifts.

I purchased this garland from Alco (yes, Alco!) a few years back. It had just what I needed for decorations so I cut off a couple stars and berry strands. I spray painted the stars to match the lids.

I think it'd be cute to use a quart jar for dish soap and a pint jar next to it for hand soap on my kitchen sink! If you think about it, everyone uses soap (at least I hope!) so essentially these could be given to all sorts of people as inexpensive gifts.

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