Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Curb find redo... staining made easy!

Good morning! I found an interesting piece of furniture on the curb a couple weeks ago and finally got around to giving it a makeover. This project is similar to the dresser redo I did a while back.

I searched for a date on it, but couldn't find one. It's pretty old though! It's smaller than a regular dresser so I thought it'd work well as a bedside table in our guestroom. I'm using the same stain as I used on this dresser so they should match pretty well.

The top was completely shot so I tore it off.

Lots of nails in the top. I pulled the ones I could out. Some just fell apart so I had to hammer them down.

I used Minwax PolyShades in Espresso. I found this at Home Depot for around $10. Make sure you clean the furniture well (I used water and vinegar), lightly sand, and then wipe off the dust.

Apply THINLY with a foam brush or regular paint brush.

The drawers were so dirty (even after cleaning) that I decided to stain the inside to cover up the nastiness.

The top is pretty cool even after ripping off the first couple layers.

I did two coats of PolyShades. Let it dry 6 hours in between each coat.

Final product!


My assistant.

Hey, at least he listens well!

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