Monday, August 25, 2014

Side swept updo

I've been swamped at work and my brother got married over the weekend so I had to abandon the blog for a few days! I plan to share some of the wedding details/decorations this week followed by a couple Husker projects (woohoo tailgating and college football this Saturday!)

I've had some reader requests for hair tutorials lately. I've mentioned in passing that I usually do my own hair for events even though I'm not a professional. My brother's wedding was no exception. I decided to do a side swept updo.

When I practiced, it took me less than 15 minutes. For the real deal it took me over an hour simply because I was curling my hair better and trying to take pictures. Here is what you'll need:

I used a texturizer and hairspray from Ulta. I purchased it when they had their B1G1 free sale and a $3.50 off $10 purchase coupon.

Use a smaller curling iron (this is a curling wand) and then a flat iron for bangs.

I used a small clear elastic for the bottom ponytail and then bobby pins.

1. Start with day old hair. Your updo will hold better and will look thicker than if you have freshly washed hair. I did wash just my bangs so that they wouldn't be greasy.

2. Add a texturizer to your roots.
This is what my hair looked like before starting to curl.
3. Curl in small 1 inch sections. I started with bigger sections at the bottom and then grabbed smaller pieces towards the top.
This is a curling wand that doesn't clip so you hold the ends of hair.

Just having a blast!

4. Run your fingers through your hair to loosen up the curls. Flat iron your bangs and then spray all over with hairspray.  

5. Then take the very bottom of your hair and make a loose / sloppy bun on the side of your head under your ear.

6. Once your bun is secure, start loosely pinning the non-bun pieces of hair. I started with the pieces closest to the bun and then worked to the other side of my head. You really can't go wrong.

7. I grabbed a small piece of hair on the opposite side of the bun to hang out and curled it.

Not the greatest pics - I was in a hurry!

There you have it.
 I also did my mom's hair.

She has really short hair (chin length bob) so even if your hair is shorter, you can do an updo. She wanted it up because it was horribly hot and humid on the wedding day.

1. Curl hair the same as usual. Hairspray.

Practice run a few days before. Highly recommend!

2. Clip the top out of the way.

3. Instead of using an elastic to make a ponytail (her hair was too short), simply start pinning the very bottom pieces with bobby pins. There is no rhyme or reason to this - just start pinning away. 

4. Once the bottom is done, start pinning the top pieces.

The was from the practice run. I forgot to get pics of her updo the day of the wedding. Too much craziness!

Loose / not too done is the key.

I'm on the far right. Can you tell that the others had theirs professionally done and I didn't? Didn't think so ;) You CAN do it and SAVE money!

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