Wednesday, November 5, 2014

90% off Target Halloween!!!

Target dropped their Halloween clearance to 90% off today (food items 70% off)! Woohoo! Head there asap because it will go fast! I was able to score about $300 in merchandise for only $30!!!

Here are some pics I took at the N 48th Lincoln, NE store:

Lots of Carter's baby clothes. So cute.

$0.49 marked down from $4.99

The 50% off tags were wrong, they should have had the 70% off tags up for the food items.

My cart at the N 48th store. I spent $12.46 (including tax) for $87.93 worth of merchandise.

I then went to the S 56th Lincoln, NE store and had better luck. Here are some pics from that store:

$3.00 marked down from $30.00. Cute cute!

$1.50 marked down from $15.00

My pets are going to hate me! $0.99 marked down from $9.99.

$0.30 marked down from $3.00

Wish they would have had my size. Perfect to wear with my husband! Sorry, hunny.

$1.49 marked down from $14.99

Food items are 70% off, not 90%

Too fun!

These can still be used for Thanksgiving!

$0.50 marked down from $5.00.

These could still be used for Thanksgiving pumpkins. $0.30 marked down from $3.00.

This store had lots of ELF cosmetics. I love red nail polish. It was $0.20.

$0.30 marked down from $3.00

Fun makeup kits marked down from $6.00 to $0.60.

My cart at the S 56th store.

I love the broom I found!

P.S. Hobby Lobby is now at 80% off Halloween.

Update: My husband text me to let me know he saw this post....

He just doesn't get it. Doesn't he know that when things are marked down that much I'm pretty much obligated to buy? Silly men.

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