Thursday, November 13, 2014

Arranging fresh flowers from Hy-Vee

If you follow my blog regularly, you know that I love fresh flowers and recommend saving money by ordering them in bulk and arranging them yourself for events (see here, here, and here). 

My cousin Becca got married last Saturday and I had the pleasure of arranging the fresh flowers. Becca is an awesomely chill, laid back gal who wanted a more casual/somewhat wildflower look. Becca and her mom ordered all the flowers from Hy-Vee and picked them up Friday morning. I arranged them Friday afternoon. I mostly worked on the bridal party bouquets and bigger arrangements while her friends helped with the smaller arrangements for the reception tables.

We did use silk flowers from Hobby Lobby for the boutonnieres and made those a couple weeks in advance. See that post by clicking here.

Here are some pics:

The bride using silk flowers for some of the table arrangements.

Me working on a bridesmaid's bouquet. Once I get everything in place, I wrap the stems with a rubber band. I then wrap the base with ribbon and use pins to secure.

Working on the arrangements for the front of the church on the alter. I forgot to get after pictures of them. Shoot.

The wedding party's bouquets soaking in water.

Becca's bouquet

I did use a couple silk flowers in this one (the ivory ones), but everything else is fresh. A florist told my cousin and aunt that sometimes they incorporate silk with real especially if the bride wants a specific flower that's out of season.

Guest book

Reception area
Bridesmaid bouquet at head table

One of the groomsman's boutonnieres

A pic from my aunt of the flowers at her house - almost a week later and still going strong!

I don't think they had to spend much on the flowers. They checked around town and prices at Hy-Vee were comparable to Sam's Club. I'm not sure how much the silk flowers cost, but I do know they bought them at 50% off thanks to Hobby Lobby's regular sales schedule.

Check out the professional photos by clicking here!

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