Thursday, October 30, 2014

DIY ombre Halloween frame

Halloween is tomorrow (eek!) and I cannot wait. I even wore my orange and black tights today! Crazy? Maybe...

Last night I did a quick project with a frame and spray paint. Have you all seen on pinterest where they take wine bottles and spray paint them like candy corn? If not, click here and here. This is the same thing, but with a frame.

Take an old frame

Get white, orange, and yellow spray paint

Spray the top layer

Add the second (I didn't wait for the layers to dry - just did it all at once)

And add the third. It took me less than a couple minutes.

Add a free printable in the frame. There are a ton of Halloween ones on pinterest. If you want the one I used, click here. This website has some good ones too!


How have you decorated for Halloween?!

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