Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Drywalling the bar area

Over the weekend my husband and I hung drywall in the bar area. It's not done, but it's progress. Normally, one should hang the ceiling drywall first, but we have a bunch of old barn wood that we're going to whitewash and put on the ceiling (I hope it turns out!)

Before (We did all of the framing and insulation too.)


We need to bring a plumber in before we can finish off this section. The is where the actual bar with sink will be. Look at all the duct work my husband had to frame around. No wonder this room is taking forever!

Hoping to put my six person countertop height table back in that corner.

What a mess, huh? I can't wait until the painting and decorating stage (someone just wake me up then). This construction stuff is for the birds!

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