Friday, October 10, 2014

Gallo wine for $0.97 at Super Saver

You all know I can't resist a good wine deal! Super Saver has Gallo Vineyards Wine for less than $1 after you send in the mail-in-rebate. The sale runs through October 14. Here's the scenario:

Gallo Vineyards Wine: $2.97 sale price (I think they're usually priced closer to $5.48)
$24 Mail-in-Rebate on 12 bottles
= $.97 each

You might think 12 bottles is a bit excessive (or not, no judgement here!), but use them for gifts. I'll probably throw a bottle or two in a basket with cheese, crackers, etc. for Christmas gifts. They come in handy for house warmings and bachelorette party gifts too!

Here it is listed in the ad which you can find here.

My cart. People behind me in line must have thought I had a rough week! We still have a lot of reds at home so I went with the sweeter wines this round, but they had dry wine too if that's more your speed.

Ask for a free box at the alcohol counter. It'll make taking them home so much easier!

After rebate I will have spent $14.13 including tax. That's $1.18 per bottle with tax. If you bought them at full price you'd pay closer to $70!

This is what the rebate looks like. Ask for it at the alcohol counter. Remember to mail it in along with your receipt and UPC codes off the bottles!


  1. Know of any current deals similar to this? :)

    1. Through tomorrow (12/16/14), Super Saver is offering Rose 'N' Blum Bubbly Moscato or Stark Raving Cabernet for $1.87 after mail in rebate. $3.87 is the sale price and then if you buy 12 and send in the $24 rebate, they come out to $1.87 each. That's the only wine deal I know of at the moment :/