Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Frame redo

Remember how Walgreen's periodically offers free 8x10 prints? I sometimes create monograms and have them printed and I put them in frames for gifts. To create the monograms, I use a really cool free program that can be found by clicking here. Remember that the wife's first name initial should be first, the couple's new last name initial should go in the middle, followed by the husband's first name initial.

These fit perfectly in 8x10 frames, but you know me - I'm always trying to use what I have on hand. I had this big ugly picture that desperately needed a redo.

I painted the frame teal and then used Rub n' Buff. For more info on Rub n' Buff check out my "Rub n' Buff = fantastic product tutorial .

I liked the frame when it was plain teal, but I thought it was a bit blah.

You simple rub it on with your fingers. I used a q tip to reach tight places.

I hot glued white fabric onto the picture backing and then taped the monogram on top.

I cut the corners of the 8x10 so it wasn't a plain square. To do this, take a glass or anything round to use as a stencil. Simply trace around the object on each corner and then cut with a scissors.

Here is the final product:

I wanted the teal to show through so I applied the Rub n' Buff sparingly.

What do you think? I'm helping decorate for a wedding shower in June and thought this would be neat on the gift or food table.

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