Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gardening season

Last night was beautiful so we took advantage of it and worked on the garden. All of my immediate family is helping with a big garden at the home place (instead of us each having our own small patches).

The best resource I can direct you to is this: The Old Farmer's Almanac - Vegetable Garden Planning for Beginners

Below are the top ten easiest veggies to grow. We planted all except mint.

Source link here
Here are some pics from last night:




tomatoes and cucumbers

such big helpers


break time?

cat... also a big help

putting down newspaper to stop weeds and then covering with manure

the other cat... not a big help

sweet potato fries are the best

sweet potatoes must be planted on a mound of dirt

just chilling in the manure... nbd

I can't wait for fresh veggies and to can salsa, pickles, etc.! Yum!

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