Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Outdoor table progress... kind of

At the end of yesterday's post, I mentioned we want to build a big ten person outdoor table for our deck. We kind of, sort of made some progress last night. We figured out the measurements!

Husband somewhat measuring to make sure the table size is comfortable when seated. We do things as accurately as possible in our household - ha.

In order for our ten chairs to fit, it needs to be a 5'x9' table. I want the table to be more of a squarish rectangle with two chairs on the ends instead of one. I think it's better for conversation.

If you're wondering, the chairs were purchased from Lowe's and yes, they are outdoor chairs. Currently they're listed at $198 for a 2 pack, but wait until September and the price should drop. We bought them after Labor Day last year and they were marked down to $50 for a 2 pack making the chairs $25 each (much better than $99 each).

In other news, house finches have decided to make my ferns their home. I don't have the heart to knock the nest out. Let's hope they don't poop all over the front porch!

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