Friday, February 7, 2014

Heart wreath

I have to apologize to all of you. I told you this would be posted yesterday and it didn't happen. I ended up taking a sick day because I've been battling this annoying cold for about a week now. I got some extra sleep, took a ton of Emergen-C, avoided my computer like the plague, and feel quite a bit better today. Phew!

Okay, so I made the wreath in a couple colors. This is a super easy project and I would imagine kids would really enjoy it.

All you need is sturdy paper (pick a fun color/pattern), scissors, a ruler, glue of your choice, a pen or pencil, and ribbon. I paper cutter would come in super handy to cut all the strips, but it's not a necessity.

You'll need to cut 2x11" strips. If your paper is colored on both sides you'll cut anywhere from 10-12 strips. If it's not double sided paper (white on the back) you'll need to cut twice as many and glue two together so that the white part is covered. The heavier the paper, the better. Think card stock.

Once you get the strips cut, fold them in half and then add glue to one end. I used hot glue because it's what I had on hand.
Notice the candy wrappers? You have to eat Valentine's candy while making Valentine's crafts, right?
Press together to form your heart. Continue this process until all the hearts are made. Then glue them together by putting glue on the edge of the heart (the part that sticks out farthest).

You can then add ribbon as a hanger. You don't have to do a big bow like I did. If you want to though, check out this tutorial. She does it slightly different than I do (I learned how in a floral class), but you'll get a similar result.

I added the printable because my paper wasn't sturdy enough and instead of the hearts being a circle, they drooped like a sad oval. I put a little glue on each of the four sides so the hearts stay in place. I don't know if I love this wreath, but it was a fun project.

There you have it! I had all the supplies on hand so this didn't cost me anything extra. If you're purchasing supplies, I would imagine this will cost you less than $5.

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