Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Olympic treats

Okay, okay. I said this week was all about Valentine's Day, but I've been more excited about the Olympics. Have you been watching every night? We sure have.

I stole this idea from a friend's post on Facebook. It's the easiest thing ever! Buy M&M's and make the Olympic ring design on anything - brownies, cakes, a big cookie, etc.

I used peanut butter M&M's because they're the BEST kind of M&M's. Technically the rings should intersect, but considering I threw these on here in a couple minutes I think it looks pretty decent.

Wifey's Kitchen has a post on fun things to make for the Sochi Olympics. She even made a festive pizza!

Instead of colorful Olympic food, how about making food from the host country? Check out tried and true Russian recipes here.

Are you hosting an Olympic party this year? There are so many festive ideas on the web for it... why not!

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