Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's craft with buttons and burlap

This is one of my favorite craft projects! I had all the items on hand, but if you were to purchase these materials I think you could make this for under $10.

You'll need a frame, buttons, burlap, and hot glue.
I had this 5x7" frame and unfortunately my cousin's senior pic will have to find a new home. Sorry Kylie! I had painted this frame with Rust-Oleum's Antique White spray paint and then glazed it with Rust-Oleum's Java Brown Glaze.

Hopefully you keep old buttons. If not, ask your relatives. You should be able to scrounge up enough. Lay them out and decide which ones you want to use and in what order.

I used burlap for the background and instead of gluing it to the mirror, I cut out a 5x7" background from a cereal box. It worked perfectly because the brown backing of the cereal box blended in with the burlap so that you can't see a pattern or wild colors through the small holes in the burlap.

Once you've glued a piece of burlap on the cereal box backing, it's time to arrange the heart. I recommend printing one off so that you have a template. This one is from clip art in Microsoft Word.

Measure to be sure it's centered. Don't glue it down!

Then start gluing the buttons down. Remove the heart template once you're done.

And that's it! I can't decide where to put this. Here it is on a hallway shelf...

Here it is in our bedroom...

What do you think? Since this doesn't scream Valentine's Day I think I can leave it up all year long!

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