Monday, June 30, 2014

Antique buffet stations for wedding

I love checking out the decorations at weddings. We have thirteen weddings this year so I've seen a lot of really fun ideas. I find myself thinking "Why didn't I do that at my wedding? How cute!" Every wedding is different of course so it's fun to see how the couple puts their own spin on their special day.

I loved, loved, loved these antique buffets that were used for different "stations" at the wedding we were at last Friday. All credit for these goes to the bride, Mindy.

This desk was at the entrance of the reception and had a basket for cards and the guest book. Love the teal.

This buffet held the cake and cupcakes. She used the front drawer for the plates, napkins, and silverware. Smart!

This buffet was used for a candy bar.

Mindy rented the buffets, but if you're ambitious you could find your own, paint them (try out chalk paint), distress them, and then add a glaze to get the same look. I did this to a red buffet last year. Click here for that tutorial.

The great thing about weddings (besides open bar and yummy food) is catching up with friends/family you might not see all the time.

Tara, me, Kristen, and Kalynn - some of my best girlfriends.

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