Friday, June 6, 2014

DIY upholstered box spring

Our bed skirt was always super wrinkly and drug on the floor (aka hot mess). I made a diy nailhead trim headboard and had leftover fabric so figured why not cover the box spring with it. Here are some after pictures followed by instructions.

"My cave is looking a bit different these days. I don't like it."


Measure your fabric. You'll need at least 12" for the width (make sure you can fold over 3" on each side) and then however long your box spring is. Our bed is a king which is 76" x 80". So essentially I needed 2 - 12"x76" pieces and 2 - 12"x80" pieces.

Always, always in the middle of the action

On the backside of the box spring I simply used a staple gun to staple the fabric on.

The corners are a bit tricky. I cut a piece and stapled it down.

 Then, I took the sides that were meeting up, folded the ends over, and stapled them as well.

We couldn't use the metal frame anymore so my husband used some pieces of wood to connect the two box springs. Again, we have a king bed so if you have a smaller bed you might not need to do it like this although you'll still want to build in some support.

Below, my husband is adding "feet" closer to the middle so that they don't show. I had him do a quick write up on this process - "I connected the two box springs with a 6 foot 1x6 board and screw it to the frame of each spring with some wood screws. I also ran a 1x6 perpendicular to that first 1x6 on both the head and foot of the bed and also attached that to the frame of each spring with wood screws.  There are also from short sections of 2x4 that act as legs underneath the bed that I attached to the 1x6 boards. You can’t see them unless you get up under the bed but the help with support a great deal. I don’t think this would work with just the decorative legs. You definitely need added support."

These two...

Time to flip the box spring over and glue down the other side. Unfortunately there wasn't wood or anything solid to staple into so I had to break out the glue gun for this side.

You'll want to buy decorative legs from a home improvement store and screw those into the four corners. I bought them from Lowe's and stained them. Here is a link to some examples. Make sure the legs you choose aren't too tall or narrow. They need to be supportive.

Too busy eating his bone to get out of the picture.

If only I cared enough to iron our bedding....

So there you have it. It was pretty easy and I spent less than $40 on it.

Btw, I just have to share this photo that I took from our backyard last night.

Hope we all see some beautiful sunsets this weekend. Okay, that was horribly cheesy... but really.

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