Monday, June 16, 2014

Kaw Valley 50% off sale

Kaw Valley has beautiful flowers and they just started their 50% off sale this week. They are offering 50% off everything so if you need plants, pots, or even iron decor, swing by one of their locations.

Courtesy of their facebook page

This succulent planter was originally $34.99. With 50% off it was $17.50. I figured it's money well spent since I can bring it inside during the winter.

My flowers up front weren't looking so hot so I replaced some of them. I hope these new flowers have time to grow and start cascading over the pots.

I didn't have time to run to the back of the house this morning, but I replaced quite a few flowers on our deck as well. I think I put too much compost in the pots when I first planted so I dug that out, used potting soil from Kaw Valley, and replanted. If they don't do better this time around I might pull my hair out! :)

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