Monday, March 24, 2014

Ball jars as candle holders

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend. We will continue on with the wedding series this week. If you missed some money saving ideas from last week, here they are:

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Now onto today's post! Chances are your relatives have Ball jars lying around. If not, auctions are a great place to buy them. My grandma had boxes and boxes full of them. Since my theme was antiquish, the Ball jars worked great as vases and candle holders. Using them saved us a fortune. Buying new vases could have cost hundreds especially since I used several Ball jars on each table. I used the more rare blue Ball jars for the flower centerpieces and the clear jars for candles.

The below jar is a quart. I filled these with water and put floating candles in each one. I wrapped the top with raffia that you can buy real cheap from craft stores. I bought the floating candles online in bulk. There were three of these on each table.

Testing these out at home weeks before the wedding

The next jar is more unique and I don't think it's a Ball jar. It's fairly small and I used regular votive candles in these. We placed them at the head table.

The next jars are pints. I used larger candles in these so that they burned all night. Make sure you check the burn time when buying candles. I bought these on a Christmas clearance (even though they're just vanilla).

Here are pics of setting up so that you can get a better feel for where we put the jars. Most tables had three floating candles. The pint jars went on the cocktail tables. In addition to Ball jars, I used painted tuna cans to hold candles. See that project here.

If you're using floating candles do not put them in until right before the reception!
So think about what you have lying around. You might be able to re-purpose it!


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