Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Flooring deals

I'm still doing the wedding series this week (see this post from earlier today), but I just had to tell you about an upcoming promotion.

Some of my earliest posts on this blog focused on the remodel of our upstairs. We (wait who am I kidding... my husband, father-in-law, and brother-in-law) installed laminate wood flooring throughout the main living areas and saved us a lot of money. The click together type of flooring is pretty easy to do so don't be intimidated!

We bought the flooring during a sale at Sam's Club last summer. They are offering a similar promotion starting March 26 and ending April 19. There are five different colors to choose from. You can browse them online, but last summer I found that the prices were higher online than in the store.

You can only get the $6 discount on 10 boxes on your membership card, but ask around and borrow other people's cards if you need more than that. You do not need a coupon and the $6 off each box should automatically come off your total at the end (no mail in rebate - thank goodness)!

We needed 60 boxes of Handscraped Oak and were able to borrow cards from several others to get the discount which saved us $360 instead of just $60. This was by far the best price I could find for flooring that was handscraped and had an attached pad. It's held up really well so far!

Handscraped Oak (what we used)
Golden Amber Oak
Vintage White Oak
Mayfair Mahogany

Antique Hickory
*Remember that the price per box might be cheaper in the store than what you're seeing online! The north Lincoln, NE Sam's had the following three in stock.

Antique Hickory at $29.98-$6 = $23.98 per box
Handscraped Oak at $19.98-$6 = $13.98 per box
Golden Amber Oak at $26.98-$6 = $20.98
The reason I started looking into flooring from Sam's Club was because of this post from The Yellow Cape Cod. She used a different brand from Sam's, but it is stunning in her home!

Another option is this beautiful handscraped birch flooring that's on sale at Home Depot TODAY ONLY (3/25/14). The original price is $3.28/sq ft and it's marked down to $1.89/sq ft. The color is gorgeous!

Photo courtesy of homedepot.com

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  1. The reason I started looking into flooring from Sam's Club