Wednesday, March 19, 2014

DIY burlap wrapped koozies for wedding favors

We all have that drawer that is overflowing with koozies. I decided to reuse old koozies for our wedding by covering them with burlap and using a black sharpie to write an H on them. (Our last name starts with an H.) This was an easy, but time consuming project. I loved that our party favors were unique!

I have very few pictures of how to do this, but I used this tutorial from Strictly Homemade so that should help you! My instructions are below the pictures.

My husband and mom working on them. We made quite the team!


1. Round up koozies from family and friends if need be. We made 125 and had a little over 300 guests at our wedding. Believe it or not there were some left over. Not everyone will take a koozie.

2. Buy burlap. I ordered mine in bulk online.

3. If the koozie has a bottom, cut it off otherwise that color will show.

4. Take the koozie and put it on top of the burlap. You'll need enough burlap to fold over the top and bottom sides so that you have a clean seam. This keeps the burlap from unraveling. Also, by folding the fabric over it creates a double layer so the original koozie doesn't show through the fabric.

5. Once you cut your material, take an iron on an ironing board and iron the edges. This is really important and will help the folded over edges stay down.

6. Take a hot glue gun and put glue along the top and bottom of the koozie.

7.  Wrap the burlap around while the glue is still hot. Fold the excess end of the burlap and glue that as well.

8. I printed off a large H in Microsoft Word and then cut it out with an exacto knife. This will be your stencil.

9. Take a permanent marker and fill in the stencil.

10. You're done!

Because we reused koozies, this project cost us maybe $25 for the burlap. If burlap isn't your thing, pick out a different fabric. You have hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from!


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