Thursday, March 27, 2014

DIY pocket squares for wedding

I love the look of a classic tux and so did my husband. I also like pocket squares versus boutonnieres on the guys - I think it's a cleaner/sharper look. Buying pocket squares from the store is expensive... about $10-$20 each and we needed 11. I found them a bit cheaper on Amazon, but still not a great deal. We could have rented them at the same place we rented the tuxes, but they didn't have the colors I wanted and they charged too much to rent a little piece of fabric. We decided to buy silk material from Hobby Lobby and make our own for around $5 for all of them. Instructions below the pics!

The groomsmen had light pink pocket squares. The groom had ivory.
The ushers wore beige pocket squares.
Just to give you an idea of how the pocket squares tied in with the bridesmaids.

Some of the men did wear floral boutonnieres - our dads, grandpa, and hosts. Ushers, groomsmen, and the groom were the only ones that wore pocket squares.
Unfortunately, I didn't document how to make them. It's easy though. It took us less than an hour. Some tutorials will encourage you to sew the edges. I do not sew (no way no how) and found a way around it.

I used the DIY Faux Pocket Squares Tutorial from Mad in Crafts. There are several different ways to fold a pocket square - we used the Winged Fold.

You can buy your fabric from any craft store. Bring a coupon to save up to 50%. I believe we bought half a yard of ivory for the groom, one yard of beige for the four ushers, and one yard of light pink for the five groomsmen. I could be slightly off though. It's been a while since we made these.

You can use this idea for everyday life too. I know there have to be some men out there that still get all dressed up for work, right? I feel like you're a dying breed, but keep doing what you're doing because men in suits never go out of style. One thing I miss about my first job out of college is that the men were required to wear suits. Boy did they look sharp!

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