Monday, April 28, 2014

DIY headboard

My husband bought a king size bed years ago. In typical guy fashion he didn't buy a headboard or foot board to go with it. It really hasn't bothered me until lately. Something about a nice headboard says "I'm a grown up"... right?

I keep seeing all of these awesome diy headboards and thought I'd give it a shot.

Here is what I purchased:

Wood plank from Lowe's, 76"x24" (remember to purchase the right size based on your own bed - Lowe's can cut it for you), $19 for the whole sheet. I have enough leftover that I can make another headboard from it.
  • 1/2" foam from Joann's
  • Batting from Joann's
  • Fabric from Hancock Fabric, on sale for $5 per yard and I purchased 5 yards. I did not use all 5 yards though. I bought extra so I can cover my box spring to match.
  • Nailhead trim from Joann's - $21.99, but use a 40% or 50% off coupon
  • 18" wall bracket from Menards used to hang it - $11.99
  • Staple gun
  • Scissors
  • Rubber mallet

I couldn't find my receipts so I don't have exact prices for everything - sorry!  I purchased everything on sale. The whole project cost less than $75. Upholstered headboards from a store cost hundreds! The cheapest one I found was from Walmart (yes, Walmart... weird) for $149. I don't like Walmart so there was no way I was buying that one. Plus, it was for a full/queen and I need a king. Target had several neat headboards, but they were $300+.

 Here is my 15/32" plywood board from Lowe's cut into 76"x24".

The first step is to cover it with foam. Simply pull the edges around and staple. The foam was a bit short, but that bottom part will be behind the bed so I wasn't too worried.

I used this extra for the bottom where it was too short. I basically patched it in.
Next I added the batting. I honestly thought about skipping this part, but I'm glad I used it. I felt like it smoothed things out. Supposedly it will keep the fabric in place as well.

Working in the guest bedroom. Beautiful head shot. Thanks, hubby.

Add the fabric in the same fashion as the foam and batting.

Finally, it's time for nailhead trim. You'll want to use a rubber mallet. I used a hammer with a sock cover for another project and trust me, a rubber mallet is worth it. The nailhead trim can be tricky and time consuming. I always get frustrated when working with it so don't feel like you're doing something wrong if it's not going perfectly. It just takes time and patience.

I used the width of the stapler as a guide for how far in to place the trim.

Time to hang! I purchased this 18 inch picture bracket from Menards for $11.99. It worked great!

The layout of our room is weird and the only place our bed works is under this window. Otherwise I would have made a taller headboard.

The gray and pink pillows below were reupholstered using fabric and hot glue. See that tutorial here.

That darn duvet is always so wrinkly!

My little model

Hours later and they still haven't moved... oh to be a pet.

I also upholstered the box spring and added wooden legs. I'll post that tutorial another time.

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