Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter clearance craft

Hobby Lobby had their Easter items marked down to 80% off when I stopped last night. It was picked over, but I did find a few things. Normally I wait to buy decorations until they drop to 90% off, but I was afraid there would be nothing left.

I found this craft kit which was marked down to $2.59.

It said quick and easy. Quick and easy my a$$. It took me half the night to put together! Even at 80% off I don't know if it was worth the hassle. (Can you tell I'm bitter?) Anyways, here is how it turned out:

I had the following frame leftover from my wedding decorations. It matches pretty well!

I'd like to find a spring runner for the table to go underneath.

If you're interested, I think there were still a few packets left at the Lincoln store!

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