Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Planter ideas

I am a terrible gardener/landscaper, but that hasn't stopped me from trying. Live and learn, right? Unfortunately I haven't quite made it to the learn stage yet. Why oh why do all of my plants and flowers die on me? I'm trying really hard this year to do my research and avoid the "cr*p, they're brown and wilted, maybe I should water them" approach.

I am super anxious to put flowers in our big planters. I used to buy one kind of flower (whatever was on sale of course) and call it a day. Boring. They key to professional looking pots is using more than one plant type so that the pot has different textures, colors, and height. According to Dwell on Joy, you should use the following in each planter:

THRILLERS - plants with height
SPILLERS - plants that spill over the side of the container
FILLERS - plants that fill up the empty spaces between the thrillers and spillers

Dwell on Joy

Below are some examples from pinterest. Click the caption to be directed to the website which normally lists the types of plants used.

Container Gardening for You

Gorgeous Flowers, Garden & Love

Southern Living - 101 Container Gardening Ideas

Container Gardening for You

Residence Blog

For more ideas simply look up container gardening, flowers for planters, etc. I'm hoping to plant flowers this weekend so I'll post pictures next week - if they turn out okay! Better to take pictures now than in a couple months when I've killed them off, right?

P.S. Please oh please do not take the easy route and "plant" fake flowers outdoors. Don' Just don't.

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