Wednesday, September 3, 2014

DIY mini Husker pallet

Pallet's seem to be all the rage these days and I can see why - they're free, rustic looking, and you can use them in various ways. The free pallets that you can get from just about anywhere are usually really big - too big for what I had in mind. This pallet is roughly 20"x24".

Thankfully we keep scrap wood. Plus, we had a some free fence panels from Mead Lumber that worked perfectly.

These were damaged so Mead Lumber said take them. You bet I will!

2 - 2x4s and 6 fence pieces

Used random screws - whatever was laying around at the time.

About 20"x24"

Once the pallet was built, it was time to paint. Here are the paints I used (I had them on hand):

Rust-Oleum Satin Spray Paint in White
Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel in Sunrise Red
Rust-Oleum Decorative Glaze in Java Brown

I think Rust-Oleum should start sending me some free products with as much as I use and promote theirs!

I did three coats of white spray paint. I then needed to create a stencil for the Husker N. I downloaded a Husker N from the University's toolbox. I then opened up a word document and made it legal size with as narrow margins as possible. I printed the right side of the N on one 8.5x14 and the left side on another 8.5x14.

I cut both sides out and taped them together.

I then used a pencil to trace around it.

Time to paint the N red.

Here it is without distressing and glaze. Looks fine, but kind of boring.

Meh - it needs a little somethin, somethin!

Since the pallet is rustic looking, I thought it was important for the paint to look the same. I sanded the corners and then applied the decorative glaze.

See how much more character it has now?

Here's the final product:

Even if you're not a Husker fan - although you really should be ;) - you can still do this project! Use your favorite team's logo, the letter of your last name, a welcome greeting, or paint something festive for the holidays!

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