Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Paper lantern garland

Toward the end of setting up for my brother's wedding, my now sister-in-law asked me what to do with a bunch of leftover paper lanterns. They had hung five at the entrance, but had many more just laying around.

All the extras

The ceilings were incredibly high in the venue so we had to think of new ways to use them. I decided to tie them together to create a string of "garland".

Frog squat. Such a flattering pic - thanks, husband.

I took leftover tulle and wove it in and out of the lanterns (under the metal wire). We decided the cake table was looking rather blah and needed some color so that's where we hung it.

I wish they would have had a white or gray sheet for the backdrop (would have matched better with the lanterns), but what can ya do? I'm sure no one noticed since it was much darker during the actual reception.

It'd also be pretty cool to string lights into them!

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