Thursday, September 25, 2014

Framing around ductwork in a basement

Today's post is by no means glamorous, but it proves that I truly have been doing something. I much prefer the easy crafty projects, but it's hard to keep those up when there are a million things to be done in our unfinished basement. I finished insulating the ceiling in the bar room and now my husband is framing the ductwork. It's not fun, but is a necessary evil. Obviously you can't attach drywall directly to ductwork so that's what the framing is for. Below are some pictures and rather than try to tell you how to do it, check out this website for directions.

See the ductwork? It wraps around which will make framing it extra fun (major sarcasm there).

Cutting 8 pieces that will be nailed in between 2 long 2x4s

Spaced them 16" apart

This whole area is the bar room. Behind the next wall will be a bathroom and behind that is a bedroom. To the right is the actual family room and behind me there will be another bedroom. About 1,500 square feet of finish once it's done.

Here is an after example (this is actually one of the bedrooms) where we also had to frame around ductwork.

Again, for better directions check out one of my favorite websites: I Finished My Basement!

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