Friday, September 5, 2014

Easiest fall craft ever... cheap too!

Perhaps you've already seen this on pinterest, but I just couldn't help myself! For a cute fall craft, fill a vase or jar with red kidney beans, split peas, and yellow popcorn. I bought the beans ($1.49) and peas ($1.09 at HyVee). I already had the popcorn, vase, tea light, and ribbon so spent less than $3 on this.

I used a ruler to make sure each section was even - about 2.5" per section for this particular vase.

For the life of me I couldn't decide which ribbon would look best.

I finally chose burlap, but thought it was too thick. I pulled out individual strands instead and tied them together to make a bow like what you see in the next picture.

I also added a tea light. I have a whole package leftover from our wedding. You can buy these super cheap at dollar stores or craft stores.

Have a great weekend!!! I'm going to enjoy the cooler weather. Bring on fall. I'm ready!

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