Monday, September 15, 2014

Update wreath hanger with ribbon each season

I had a plain white wreath hanger which looked cheap so I hot glued burlap to it a while ago. It looked good with a couple of my wreaths, but now it's pretty beat up! With Halloween around the corner I decided to cover it with festive ribbon. I'm not normally a skull type of person, but I bought this ribbon on clearance last year and thought "why not"!

I used scotch tape so I can easily take it off when the next holiday rolls around. I simply rolled the tape in a couple balls and put the ribbon on top of the burlap.

Looks okay, but kind of boring so I decided to make a ribbon to go with it.

Google "ribbon tutorials" to learn how or check out this tutorial. She does it slightly different than I do (I learned how in a floral class), but you'll get a similar result.

I used a pin to secure the bow onto the wreath hanger.

Have any of you decorated for Halloween yet? I wanted to weeks ago, but my neighbors would have thought I was nuts. One of them was outside decorating yesterday so that was the green light I needed! I spent most of my Sunday finding places for my decorations. I bought a lot after Halloween last year when it was 90% off at Target. My husband kept saying, "You bought that too?" and "I didn't know you bought that?!" Well of course I did. 90% off! He should know better by now.

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