Thursday, December 19, 2013

Free Friday recap

Free Friday was on December 6 and I just realized I never posted about my findings! I didn't find much this time... maybe that's why I spaced it. I did manage to bring a few useful things home though. Check them out below.

I like to arrange my own flowers instead of purchasing from a floral shop. If you missed my post on this, check it out here. There were vases so I snatched those up.

My husband and father-in-law built me a hallway shelf out of old barn wood and I put this candle holder on it.

I thought this basket was unique. I love the detailing on the top edge. Debating if I should spray paint it.

I grabbed these pictures because I thought the silver one was the same size as a football poster my husband purchased. I thought I could spray paint the frame black. Turns out the poster is too big. However, I'm working on a project using leftover fabric. Basically the background will be black polka dot fabric, I'm cutting out a Husker N in white fabric, and then lining the edges with a red border fabric. I hope it turns out!

I did not bring these lamp shades home, but thought they'd be cute in an antique/country type home if one had the right lamp for them.

I thought about bringing the armoire home, but wasn't sure how to get it in the SUV by myself. I stood there and stared at it for a long time wondering how I would redo it. Hopefully someone else took it and is giving it new life!

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