Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Scrounging up greenery and pine cones

The great thing about Christmas is that we can use items in nature to decorate! Best of all... free! I bet a lot of you have pine cones and branches in your backyard so grab a basket and a saw. With a little imagination, I'm sure you can find many uses for them.

My mother-in-law put greenery, pine cones, and red bulbs in a wood crate. Cute!

I put mine in a basket by my front door with a Hope sign. I used burlap underneath.

I will admit, mine looks a little sloppy. It was freezing when I was out there trying to put this together. Eventually I just threw it all in and called it good! If it ever warms up, I'll try to work with it more.

All I've wanted to do lately is hibernate. Darn weather. Good thing my dog, Stormy, enjoys lazy nights at home too! Thought he deserved a little love since my cat is usually the one who makes it on the blog.

Disclosure: these are my pajama pants. Not something I wear in public ;)

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