Thursday, December 5, 2013

Free outdoor Christmas trees

I have big planters all around my house which normally have spring flowers, hostas, or mums in them. Since those plants had died off, it was time to put something festive in the planters!

Since Christmas items aren't discounted majorly right now, I didn't want to spend money on fake trees. Luckily, we are surrounded by farm ground and wild trees that grow in ditches and fields. I know a lot of my readers are too! At Christmas time, my mom used to walk down to the crick with her siblings and chop down a tree when they were young so this is nothing new, but most people buy artificial or head to a tree farm nowadays.

My husband was nice enough to chop down two trees from my grandpa's land for the planters in front of our garage.

We put them directly in the soil and water them every couple of days. We used tall stakes to secure them. It can get windy where we're at!

I had lights and ornaments that I purchased the year before from Shopko for 90% off that I used to decorate them.

The right side is a bit sparse on this tree. Oh well.

Great way to get into the spirit without spending a ton of money. This maybe cost me a couple bucks.

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