Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cutting a quartz countertop to size

Here's a project I never even dreamed of tackling. Today learn how to cut a quartz countertop yourself. This would also work for granite. If you do not have standard size countertops, you will spend an arm and a leg having them custom made. Another option is cutting them yourself. Read my previous posts this week to learn why we decided to tackle this project.

We bought a 61" x 22" standard bathroom quartz countertop from Menards for $310 (after rebate). We needed a 59 1/4" x 22" countertop. Having it custom made would have cost us $800-$1500.

My husband rented a wet saw from Ace Hardware for $30 plus a refundable deposit of $25. This wet saw was actually a tile saw. Not optimal for cutting through a thick counter top. He tried renting a handheld wet saw and drove to Mead Lumber in Beatrice only to discover they let someone else take it even though they said they'd hold it for him (thanks a lot, Mead!). Therefore he ended up going to ACE and using the saw you see below.

If you have a handheld wet saw available or are able to rent one locally he would recommend using that instead of a free standing tile saw. You won’t be limited on cutting range and can move the saw to do the cutting rather than having to push the countertop through a static blade like what was done with this countertop.

He brought it to my dad's shop. You'll need a running water hookup. The cool water keeps the temperature down on the diamond blade while cutting the stone creating a smoother cut. It also keeps the resin in the stone from balling up, making for a more difficult task. You might also need a helper. Thankfully my brother was home. Thanks, Joel!

I apologize for the lack of pictures. I stayed home and cleaned while the guys tackled this project. They didn't take any pictures while cutting it (typical guys), but hopefully these tutorials will help.

Here are some non-video tutorials:

How Stuff Works
Do It Yourself

They said it took them about 10 minutes to make the cut. You'll need to take it nice and slow. They decided one cut would be easier than two so they cut more off of the one side. You can't tell that one side is a bit shorter... honest. If you're cutting a lot off then you of course need to cut from each side.

Quartz and granite are super heavy so make sure you have someone to help you install the countertop.

Before lifting the countertop onto the cabinet, add some drops of silicone on the top of the cabinet to glue the countertop down.

Tomorrow, see the countertop in place and how to add a glass tile backsplash!


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  3. Thank you for sharing this. I am having a company install my kitchen countertops but there will be spare pieces left over. I am hoping to do a DIY project with those pieces, like matching counter trivets or lazy susan, and this information sure helps!