Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Double your savings at Menards

 ***UPDATE: So I just heard that the 11% is NOT good on gift cards this time around. Next time the 11% is offered, see if it's good on the gift cards before attempting this. They offered the 11% for about two weeks around Christmas time and it was good on the gift cards then.***

Do you have any upcoming home projects? Think ahead because this is a good deal!

Menards is offering 11% off everything in their store through Saturday. Did you know that 11% sometimes applies to gift cards as well? This means you can double your savings and save 22%!

See how:

All you have to do is buy the gift card in the amount you need. Let's say you have $200 worth of items to buy. Buy a $200 gift card. You'll get $22 back when you mail in that 11% rebate.

Now, grab a cart and fill it up with the $200 of items that you need. Pay with your just purchased gift card. You'll get an 11% rebate on these items as well so another $22.

Instead of saving $22, you're saving $44. Make sense?

We bought TONS of lumber and drywall around Christmas when they were offering this and it saved us a good chunk of change!

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