Friday, January 24, 2014

Raspberry leaf tea for women

I've just discovered a miracle! Okay, not really, but pretty darn close. Men, if you're reading this you might want to stop now. This post is regarding female issues if you know what I mean...

Now that the guys are out of here, gals - you all need to check out raspberry leaf tea (especially if you're pregnant). I'll give you some background info so you understand why I started drinking it. I had been on birth control for years and decided to stop. Now before rumors start flying, we are not jumping on the baby bandwagon at this time. I simply don't like putting unnatural things in my body. I don't even take Tylenol. I prefer to treat the underlying cause of issues so I'll eat certain foods or use herbs instead. Yes, I am one of those that is always reading natural remedy books. I don't think they can cure everything, but I do think our society is too dependent on popping pills for a quick fix.

So after I stopped birth control, my period was awful. Terrible cramps and heavier than ever. I considered going back on birth control, but knew that I wouldn't be happy with that decision. I started researching and found that raspberry leaf has been used for female issues and reproduction for centuries. I found some at Whole Foods for a little over $5.

The first day I drank three cups. Even after the first cup I could tell a difference. My period had lightened at a point it should have been at its heaviest. I continued to drink it and my cramps were gone, I felt less bloated, and the flow lightened significantly. I'm not kidding!

The benefits are supposedly even better for pregnant women or women trying to conceive. Instead of explaining it all on here, I recommend you do a little research. Here are some articles that I read:

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Believe it or not, the tea doesn't taste like raspberries. It's not fruity at all. I think it tastes similiar to green or black tea. Give it a try!

My trusty Steamboat mug. My fav place to ski!

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