Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Long weekend = progress on basement

Loved having MLK Day off yesterday! We got a lot done around the house. Last week we were working pretty hard on our bathroom and I was hoping to wrap things up in there and show you the final product.

Staining the decorative wood trim that will go around the mirror.

However, we spent all weekend working on our basement instead. We were lucky and had friends and family that were free to help. (Thank you Jon, Joel, Jeremy, and Dad!) Tonight I'll try to wrap up the bathroom and post about it tomorrow. In the meantime, here are a couple before pictures of our basement. It's a little over 1,500 square feet and will have a living room, bar room, bedroom, office, bathroom, and storage room.

Main living room with the office straight ahead and a bedroom and closet in the left corner.
This portion will stay as is and will be a storage room. Straight ahead there will be a bar area. Behind the first row of studs there will be a good sized bathroom and then another little storage room.
So those are the realtor's pics from the original listing. I just realized I never took before pics so I need to get down there and take a few more before we get too far along finishing it. Here are pics of the work we got done this weekend.

Look at all of that beautiful drywall! I even helped hang!
Carrying the drywall inside.

They had to add studs to the outer walls so that they had something to hang the drywall on.
This is Styrofoam that will go along the outside walls only to help with moisture and insulation. Regular insulation will be used on the inside walls.

The step was originally built straight out, but was super awkward because you basically ran into the wall when you got off the last step. My dad and husband are building a landing and having it turn so there will be more room to navigate.
See the fridge? That room will become a bar area with another TV. The bathroom will be to the right where those studs are.
We have a long ways to go, but I'm pretty pumped about our progress so far! We will be doing most of the work ourselves to save money (I'll be sure to post tutorials). Of course we'll have to bring in an electrician and plumber. We're also bringing in pros to finish the drywall and install carpet. Otherwise it's all on us. Should be a good winter project!

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