Monday, January 6, 2014

Decorating with my 90% off Christmas decor

Christmas break is over for me and I'm back to work. It's -8 out, but feels like -24. What a depressing day! I also need to take down my Christmas decorations which makes me even more sad :(

Before I take them down, I wanted to show you what I did with some of the 90% off decorations that I picked up from Target. If you missed that post, check it out here. Obviously I'm not going to put up all of it, but I did decorate the three trees that I bought.

This pre-lit 2' tree cost me less than $3 total. That price includes the tree, the skirt, and the bulbs. I had the mesh garland on hand which luckily matched perfectly. This little guy is in our bedroom which has white and toned down pink colors. I was going for a soft romantic look in our bedroom and I think the tree matches well.

Couldn't decide what to do with the top, but I kind of like it without a tree topper.
That antique dresser is from my grandma. My mom and aunts used it growing up. I stripped and restained it and another matching dresser.

This next tree is meant for our basement which is unfinished, but should be done long before next Christmas (hopefully)! Total cost including the 4.5' pre-lit tree and decorations was less than $10. The original price for the tree alone was $80.

Ornaments, ornaments everywhere!
This final tree is in our guest bedroom. It's a 6' pre-lit burlap tree that ended up costing less than $15 total. I think this tree originally cost $134 (can't find my receipt at the moment).

This room is still a work in progress, but it's coming along.
I did pick up some plain garland for $0.40. I added red berry lights which I had on hand (they were 90% off at Shopko a couple years ago) and silver bulbs which were $0.30.

Before I added lights and bulbs.

I like how the red lights look like berries.

Remember this tree that I made out of a landscaping log and plain garland? I redid some of it with 80% off ribbon from Michaels. What do you think of the updated tree topper? It was plain gold, but I added two more layers of ribbon using hot glue.

The nice thing about all of my trees is that they are small enough to wrap up and leave as they are in the storage room (instead of completely taking them apart). This makes decorating for Christmas a snap when all I have to do is uncover the trees. Plus, I have to have small skinny trees because my cat will climb and ruin the bigger ones. Learned that the hard way!

Oh and how cute is this little tree hat that I also got for 90% off? I think my dog disagrees.

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