Thursday, January 9, 2014

Shopko 90% off Christmas started today!

I know you're probably so over Christmas, but one last post on it because now is the time to stock up for next year. Head to Shopko over lunch or after work today. They just started their 90% off Christmas sale. The N 27th store in Lincoln, NE had several aisles of items. I'm not sure how picked over the other locations are. Here is what the N 27th store looked like:

Hobby Lobby started their 90% off this past Monday. I forgot to call and find out when they were dropping. I've failed you! Last night they had a couple aisles left. Nothing too exciting.

Mark your 2015 calendars (I know, I know - you all think I'm crazy) for when the 90% off sales will happen next year. Here are my guesses based on this year and previous years:

Target: Saturday, January 3
Hobby Lobby: Monday, January 5
Shopko: Thursday, January 8

Happy shopping!

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