Saturday, January 4, 2014

Target 90% off holiday started today!

Most Targets should be offering 90% off all Christmas items today. I hit up all three Lincoln, NE stores this morning and had a ton of luck! I spent $72.88 total. I saved $655.92!!! I have been calling the Targets since New Years Eve asking if 90% had hit yet. Cindy, the operator at the South 56th store, and I are like BFFs now. Not really, I actually think she was getting rather annoyed with my 8 a.m. calls each morning. Weeks ago I predicted January 4 or 5 for 90% off, but lots of bloggers thought it would drop as early as January 1 or 2 (which it obviously didn't).

So I swear I'm not a hoarder. I truly do know what I want to do with all of these items. My haul included three Christmas trees, four smaller decorative trees, a wreath, five strands of decorated garland, tons of bulbs, a bar set, three big boxes of lights, and randomness.

Mini tree skirts marked down to $.80. Originally $8.00.

How adorable is this? Most stores had cute baby onesies as well.
$2.50. Original price was $25.
I have two porch pillars which I hope to wrap this around next year to dress up the outside of our home.

Here are what the stores looked like this morning. I'm sure they are getting more and more picked over as the day wears on.

So get there now and stock up for next year!

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