Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Adding shutters to a desk

If you missed my desk redo, check it out here.

The desk looked better, but still blah. Today I added shutters to the back.

I got a bunch of shutters for free at EcoStore and decided to use these three for the back.

I primed and painted them the same way I did the desk so that they matched.

I then hung them using two nails on each end of the shutter. Be sure to use a level.

I liked the idea of shutters because I could use small clips to hang important items that I use on a regular basis as well as pictures. JoAnn's Fabric has all sorts of colors and sizes to choose from.

I thought the shutters looked really plain with just the pictures and documents clipped on them. I was digging around the basement and found this wreath that I made for my wedding. It was just what I needed. 

Right now I have an envelope for my 2013 home improvement receipts. We save them and use them for tax purposes. As you can imagine, I'm always coming home with new receipts so it's nice to have this envelope handy. The other thing I have pinned up there are address labels. I spray painted a container for pens and pencils and it was still drying at the time. It will go on the desk on the right side. 

I love this box. I think I got it from Hobby Lobby. I keep pictures of my husband and I in there as well as the letters he wrote me while he was deployed.

I think it looks more 'country chic' with the shutters! Here is what it looked like without. 

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