Friday, November 22, 2013

Start your Black Friday shopping this weekend

I was going to wait until next week to post about Black Friday, but so many places are doing pre-Black Friday sales that I thought today was appropriate. 

Competition is extremely fierce between stores this year since Thanksgiving is later. There are less shopping days in the holiday season which means stores have started their Black Friday sales earlier than ever and have engaged in price wars.

Check out these articles:

Black Friday Comes Early as U.S. Retailers Panic Over Holiday Sales

This Year, Black Friday Basically Starts a Week Early-If Not Sooner

Early Black Friday sales let shoppers sleep in

The below article from Brad's Black Friday (my favorite Black Friday site) tells you which stores are offering Black Friday prices this weekend:

Brad's Ultimate Black Friday Strategy: How You Can Win Black Friday with Walmart, Best Buy, and Everyone Else

Sears is one store that's allowing it's Show Your Way members to take advantage of Black Friday pricing starting tonight! My husband and I are hoping to snatch up this Craftsman tool chest. The Black Friday price is $99 and we should be able to get it at 7 p.m. central time tonight.
Sears Craftsman 5-Drawer Standard Duty Tool Center
Walmart's pre-Black Friday ad seems to be all the rage. Now Target and Amazon are price matching it! See the ad here.

The game has changed. No more waiting for the ads on Thanksgiving morning and sifting through them. Make your plan now and hit certain stores this weekend!

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