Saturday, November 2, 2013

Turn an old dresser into a tv stand

I found this dresser on the curb. It was missing two drawers and was looking pretty rough, but I was excited!

I had been on the hunt for a taller tv stand and thought this just might work.
I took off the hardware and used my power sander on it. I highly recommend purchasing one if you're doing a lot of projects. They're not that expensive and it saves time (and your hands/arms). My husband removed the two pieces of wood from the top drawers that the drawers slid on with a small pry bar.

I then cleaned it with TSP and let it dry. I painted it with three coats of Rustoleum Satin Espresso.

I also bought new hardware from Menards. I was going to salvage the existing hardware and spray paint it, but I was missing one of the smaller knobs. By the time I bought a can of spray paint it was cheaper to buy all new. Each knob and handle was less than $1.

Here is the final product:

Anyone can do this. It's easy to find old dressers. Maybe you have one laying around. If not, get on Craigslist, go to garage sales, auctions, Goodwill, the Salvation Army, EcoStore, check your grandma's basement, etc. I'm sure you'll stumble across a free or cheap one.

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