Friday, November 1, 2013

All about EcoStore and Free Fridays

I've mentioned EcoStore a couple of times in passing and I think it's time they got their own post especially since today is their Free Friday. EcoStore is located at 530 West P Street in Lincoln, Nebraska. If you are reading this blog and don't live nearby, be sure to check your local area for a similar store.

Here is their website with their hours and more information:

I ran to EcoStore today over lunch because of Free Friday. Basically, on the first Friday of the month they set out a bunch of stuff that is completely free. The next day for this will be December 6. One of the back rooms was sectioned off with the free items. While EcoStore may look kind of sketch, there are actually working professionals and contractors there on a regular basis. And DIYers like me!

Today was the first time I've gone and I found a few items. Below is what I took home. It may not look like much, but I have plans for each item.

I'm going to paint the shutters and put them behind a buffet that I'm working on now. My hope is that it will look similar to the picture below when it's all said and done.

My brother's fiance is collecting frames for their wedding. I believe her plan is to spray paint them and use Rustoleum's mirror finish on the glass.

There was a package of new cleaning wipes. I also grabbed a bigger shutter. Might transform it into a headboard. We'll see.

This chair is actually in good shape. We need one for the office. If I get bored this winter and need a project, maybe I'll spray paint the legs and reupholster. I'll see if my brother's fiance wants that frame for the wedding otherwise I'll redo it somehow.

EcoStore also has free paint days. I believe they're just in the fall and spring. It sounds like the next one is in May, but they didn't have an exact date. You would not believe all of the paint I snatched up last time! If you need paint throughout the year, they do have a rack by the paint section with some free cans on a regular basis. Any can with an X is free. All other paint is cheap. I picked up a new gallon of Zinsser primer and a gallon of red paint for $5 a couple weeks ago.

While it's fun to go to EcoStore on these event days, I encourage you to go on a regular basis. They have everything! Their inventory changes daily and you have to be in the mood to dig. Also, be sure to negotiate with them. I consider the price on the item as more of a guide. I never pay the full price. Here are some pics of their inventory today:

I love this! It was $10 and I got it for $7.

$50. It is in good shape.

$10. They have tons of furniture!

Lots of trim and some crown molding


All kinds of paint

Sinks and more sinks


Miscellaneous. This is where I find my hardware for furniture.

Love mirrors. These range from $50-$75, but negotiate!

More lighting

Need an indoor or outdoor door?

So many toilets

Building and landscaping material

So there you have it! Don't be afraid to go to these places. There are some great finds. It takes a little time to discover the good stuff, but you can do it! You will save bundles!

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