Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Deal bloggers you should be following

Following certain bloggers is the easiest way to score awesome deals. They do this for a living and share what they find. Read their blogs, but also like them on social media. This is how I find out about all sorts of freebies and steals. It's especially helpful to follow them now when there are so many sales for Black Friday. I swear these bloggers must not sleep. They've been posting 24/7 the past week. With stores starting their Black Friday sales at different times it's impossible to keep up. Let the pros do the work for you!

For example, Walgreens offers free 8x10 prints, 4x6 prints, holiday cards, collages, etc. throughout the year. I rarely read their emails or visit their website - who has time for that? The bloggers I follow are great about posting when these freebies happen and what codes to use. Last week, I got 50 4x6 prints for free. Today I ordered a free 8x10 (use code TURKEY8x10). We also got 40 free holiday cards which I'll send out soon.

What do you think?
So here are the pros I follow:

I mentioned Brad's Black Friday is my favorite site to browse leaked Black Friday ads. I didn't mention that I love his regular site even more - While he posts deals on the "Deals" section of his Black Friday site, he keeps his year round site much more updated with the latest and greatest offers. I always click on the Newest Deals tab, but Top Deals is great too. The best part is that he tells you how to get the stated price (codes, free shipping, etc.) and then gives you the comparison prices from around the web so you can be sure you're paying bottom dollar.

The Krazy Coupon Lady is awesome. Visit her webpage, blog, and follow her on Facebook.

I don't visit FabuLESSly Frugal's webpage as much, but I do follow them on Facebook.

I should clarify that these sites are usually run by a team of people. For example, FabuLESSly Frugal is updated by a whole group of savvy women!

Chicks Dig Deals is run by a stay at home mom in Lincoln, NE. She posts a lot of local deals for those of you in the area.

I haven't followed Coupon Divas, but they look promising!

I recommend following several deal bloggers because one blogger might miss a deal, but usually another will catch. This way you have your bases covered!

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